Lands of Forgotten Sorrows

A Fine Day for Adventure

Early Spring, day 1

Following a treasure map to old Elven Ruins, the group arrived at the last human fortress at the edge of the wildlands. The group was composed of:

Draenik, a tough dwarven veteran of battles and knocks in the head. Hjarblgoo, a simple halfling thief more than able in finding trouble. Tannen, a human cleric of the Caregiver, as likely to seek a game of chance than preach his faith. Kelstin, a mysterious elven scout with a talent in the arcane. Elowyn, a wild elven maid on the search for magical power.

Hunting briefly for information on the ruins they discovered there were many ruins about, and they would have to seek out an expert on history to learn more, and also a warning that Goblin bandits were becoming more frequent in the area, to the point that there was a bounty. With little money to their names, the group decided there was no reason to waste time in town and set off into the wilderness to follow the map to the ruins, which they estimated to be about 4 hours away on foot.

Between the dwarf’s flatulence and arguments on how to read the map (only one character can read, and elven only) the group was surprised when a group of 6 goblins burst through the cover of the woods to rush the party. The Thief recovered quickly and spent time fishing out his sling. The Cleric also recovered quickly and move to meet the beasts with morning star and shield in hand. The Cleric quickly found himself penned in by 4 goblins while the remaining two broke past to the rest of the group. The thief burned luck to avoid a particularly painful looking blow, and the dwarf was brought quickly to his senses as the last goblin’s blade found flesh.

The goblins exchanged blows with the Cleric, none inflicting telling damage. An arrow from one of the elves whistled past the Cleric’s ear, slamming into the goblin on his flank, sending it flying back several feet and tumbling to the ground in pain. The halfling thief managed to maneuver next to the dwarf and then break out of the melee safely, using his sling once out of reach. The sling stone however buried itself painfully in the dwarf’s side rather than it’s intended target. Muttering a dwarven curse, the dwarf’s battle axe smashed through the shield of a goblin who overextended on an attack, sending the goblin to the ground, its shield smashed to pieces.

Another arrow from one of the mages flew with unerring accuracy, felling a second goblin engaged with the Cleric. Chips of wood flew from the goblin’s shields as they continued their stalemate against the cleric. The Dwarf’s axe found its mark, sending another goblin collapsing to the ground. One of the goblins staggered to its feet again, only to be met with an elven arrow in his throat to send him right back down. The Thief performed the grisly work to ensure others would not be standing again.

The Cleric’s morning star battered a goblin back and the last broke battle, only to be brought down by the dwarf and cleric in unison. The fight was over in just under 50 seconds. After pulling the Dwarf away from cursing at the Halfling Thief for friendly fire, the Cleric tended to both the Dwarf’s wounds and his own with First Aid. The Cleric had a few minor wounds and the hardy dwarf had some more serious wounds, but still more HP than the rest of the party.

The party collected Goblin ears and found some copper and silver coins on the bodies, and prepared to move on. Though they are approaching their destination, stomachs are starting to growl.



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